How the Adults in Adoption Impact the Experience of Children and Themselves 

The Children’s Behavioral Health Knowledge Center at the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health sponsored a FREE half-day workshop on April 5, 2016 for Massachusetts behavioral health providers on pre/post adoption issues for birth/first parents and for adoptive parents and children. The workshop introduced the concept of birth/first family issues at the time of placement or removal and issues that impact, and effect, the extended birth family, the child and the adoptive family. Participants also learned about the issues of grief, loss, and depression as a result of placing a child or having a child removed, and of adoption choices for adoptive parents. Additionally issues of grief, loss, depression as a result of infertility or choice to adopt, were reviewed including how these issues impact parenting a child by adoption.

Building Competency in Effective Crisis Planning, Prevention, Support and Early Intervention for Caring Together Continuum Providers

The Knowledge Center is sponsoring coaching and training for Caring Together Continuum providers on youth/family-centered and resolution-focused crisis planning, prevention, support, and early intervention. The Knowledge Center is convening this training and coaching series to support Caring Together Continuum provider's efforts in helping youth and families develop the necessary skills to function effectively in their community and achieve greater permanency in the home. 

Implementation Science Workshops

The Knowledge Center hosts a series of workshops and webinars designed to build the knowledge and skills for effective development, selection, implementation, and sustainability of innovative and evidence-based programs and practices.  The Knowledge Center provides direct consultation and partners with Dr. Allison Metz, Director of the National Implementation Research Network.  NIRN materials are all open source; those used in our workshops are provided below.

IHT Practice Profile Workshop, November 16, 2015

MassHealth’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) has prioritized In-Home Therapy (IHT) services as a focus of quality improvement efforts in FY 2016.  IHT is a critically important service used by many thousands of youth and families. Yet case reviews with the Massachusetts Practice Review (MPR) have indicated extensive opportunity for improvement in IHT. MassHealth believes that IHT services could be improved if guided by a well specified, fully operationalized Practice Profile.  

The IHT practice profile will build on MPR findings and the interviews that informed MassHealth’s practice guidelines. This workshop will launch an intensive process of gathering stakeholder input and reviewing research literature to complete and test the IHT practice profile.  

The CBHI Office is partnering with the Children’s Behavioral Health Knowledge Center to develop a practice profile for IHT services.  Together, they are working with the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN) for expert consultation in developing a practice profile, using a process and tool developed by the NIRN. 

Stage-Based Implementation for Successful Service Delivery, May 2015

Moving an innovation or intervention through the stages of implementation requires the work of a team whose members are individually and collectively accountable for its success.  This workshop was designed for teams and guided them through a structured assessment of activities based on the stages of implementation.  Through this assessment and action planning work, implementation dilemmas were explored and used for full group discussion and reflection on implementation science and principles.

Participating teams represented the Joint DMH / DCF Family Partner Initiative, DMH’s Supporting Transition Age Youth and Young Adults (STAY) project, Caring Together, MCPAP SBIRT (Screening, Brief Intervention, and Referral to Treatment), and MCPAP for Moms. 

Active Implementation for Successful Service Delivery, October 2014

A wide array of evidence-based programs / practices and service delivery innovations are being implemented throughout the Massachusetts children's behavioral health system.  To support the success of these initiatives - individually and in combination - the Knowledge Center sponsored a full-day workshop on implementation science, Active Implementation for Successful Service Delivery.

The workshop introduced a framework and tools developed by the National Implementation Research Network (NIRN).  These tools help implementation leaders and teams apply a shared language and framework across initiatives, develop strategies for using individual, organizational, and leadership drivers, and assess, plan, and track implementation activities across stages, from design to sustainability.

Talk About Adoption: Effective communication and use of language in the clinical setting, November 10, 2015

In recognition and in celebration of National Adoption Month, the Knowledge Center sponsored a FREE half-day workshop for Massachusetts behavioral health professionals on skills and strategies for working within adoption and complex families, with emphasis on communication that helps and hurts the people in adoption. Workshop participants learned strategies for discussing adoption with youth and families and the value of gathering more information at the outset while working with a family and other professionals.