The Core Team engages in an ongoing process of exploring, discovering, and strengthening interests, relationships,
connections, and supports in the youth and family’s environment who can celebrate with the youth/family in good times, comfort them through difficult times, contribute to a sense of belonging, remain unconditionally committed, and may also provide tangible assistance. They may be extended family, friends, faith community, neighbors, people from school or work, or acquaintances and other natural supports who play a positive role in the youth’s/family’s life.
They may also be places where the youth/family can volunteer, play, learn, worship, socialize, and build resiliency. They involve naturally-occurring community resources and supportive people
that align with the youth’s/family’s interests, support the youth’s/family’s goals, and carry them beyond the reach of formal services.The Core Team thoughtfully uses flex funds to support and build family and youth’s interests and resources. The Core Team helps family members consider ways to involve natural supports andinclude them in Family Team meetings and interventions (as agreed upon with the youth/family). The Core Team collaborates with the youth and family to help them connect to and sustain connections with naturally-occurring relationships, resources and supports.