The Core Team collaborates and coordinates with all relevant Family Team members (especially parents,
family, and youth’s and family’s natural supports) and collaterals (such as providers, school personnel, professional and natural supports, group home, hospital, and Community Based Acute Treatment staff) to support continuity of treatment and supportive approaches with the youth/family while the youth is in an out of a home treatment intervention (such as a group home, hospital, or Community Based Acute Treatment). The Core Team coordinates the use of consistent effective strategies and approaches with youth and family across all of these entities and settings. The Core Team shares successful approaches with the other levels of care (as agreed upon with youth/family) and also utilizes other’s approaches that the youth and family have had success with. The Core Team supports continuity of treatment by continuing to provide seamless initiation of or continuation of the same intensity of family treatment, ongoing family engagement, youth and parent skill building, peer mentoring, care coordination, and linkage to the community when a youth is participating in an out-of-home treatment intervention. They continue to promote and build connections between youth/family and a natural network of supports as well as professional long-term community-based supports while the youth is in an out-of-home setting. When clinically indicated and authorized, the Continuum utilizes a group home as a short-term flexible treatment intervention that is integrated with the Continuum treatment plan and incorporates clinical and therapeutic interventions necessary to strengthen the youth’s and family’s skills that promote flourishing together at home.



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