As part of the assessment process, the
Core Team engages the occupational
therapy consultant (OT) in a consultative
screening and together they develop
a plan for the OT’s involvement going forward. This may include, but is not limited to, the OT providing a consultative assessment; recommendations to the family, Core Team and Family Team; and/or coaching to the family. As agreed upon with the OT, the Core Team engages the OT to assist with assessing and addressing youth and family processing patterns and environmental factors that contribute to presenting concerns as well as developing individualized interventions that focus on establishing pro-social habits, such as healthy attachment, parenting skills and routines, using occupations of the family and of childhood to enhance and promote self-regulation and relaxation, and developing strategies for managing symptoms (e.g., stress, anger, anxiety) that are associated with the presence of problematic behaviors. The Core Team may also coordinate with the OT to provide training/coaching to the Family Team to support their implementation of the occupational therapy recommendations. The Core team engages in an ongoing assessment of the need for psychiatric consultation with the Core Team and the Family Team. The Core Team consults with the psychiatry consultant as needed to assist with diagnosis, clinical formulation, and intervention planning, especially when addressing clinical complexities or when improvements have plateaued or high-risk behaviors are present.


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