Evidence-Based Programs in Massachusetts

A key component of the CBH Knowledge Center’s mission is ensuring that services provided to children in Commonwealth are cost-effective and evidence-based.  Across EOHHS, there have been several recent initiatives to implement evidence-based programs and practices (EBP/P).  Many of these initiatives were supported by Federal or private grants focused on a specific geography or population of children.  Some have built on the platform of Masshealth’s In-Home Therapy (IHT) services, for which general program standards were established but no EBP/P was adopted.  The one statewide investment in an evidence-based practice has been MassHealth’s implementation of Wraparound through Community Service Agencies, as part of the CBHI service array. 

Center staff have expertise in implementation frameworks and draw from cutting edge implementation science.   This creates a powerful partnership with agencies interested in implementing and sustaining evidence-based programs and practices.  The Knowledge Center hosts webinars and workshops with agency leaders, project managers, and implementation teams on best practice and research informed strategies to enhance individual competencies, build organizational capacity, and address leadership challenges.   Center staff also work with implementation teams to develop the tools necessary to ensure that new practices become routine and remain effective over time.