The ParentingWell® approach to accessing essential supports and advocating for additional resources to meet parents’ and families’ needs begins with describing the current situation. Learning about supports and resources parents depend on for emotional, financial, spiritual, or concrete assistance (e.g., who might give them a ride to an appointment or babysit for a few hours) provides the foundation on which to build in the ParentingWell practice approach.

Advocacy may be required to fill in gaps. Parents benefit from the support of other parents often in the context of informal relationships, in neighborhoods, or at the playground. Community organizations, family, and friends offer parents opportunities to join in volunteering, play, learning, worship, and social activities. Positive experiences contribute to resiliency and to a sense of mutuality and belonging.

You can help parents learn skills that allow them to function better in relationships and in diverse situations through role modeling, rehearsal, and practice. As parents develop and navigate social networks and interpersonal situations better, they become more effective advocates for themselves and their children.


Downloadable worksheets to use with persons served or to continue your own learning