An essential focus of the ParentingWell® practice approach is to address parents’ needs by helping them envision possibilities, assess options, and set and achieve their desired goals. Goals related to parenting and family life may be woven into a personal plan to make desired changes or may become part of a more formal treatment or service plan to support progress in the recovery journey.

To create plans, help parents explore their motivation for change; picture desired outcomes; set goals; specify realistic, reasonable steps; identify resources and supports necessary to make progress; and determine appropriate time frames with feedback loops to adjust plans as necessary.

You can work in partnership with parents to explore options, to develop alternatives, and to think about the consequences of choosing one path over another. Parents may need information about existing but unknown possibilities, for example, community resources or entitlements.

The key to a good plan is creating incremental opportunities for success—baby steps—that lead to the desired outcome.