The 2014 Symposium was the first hosted by the CBH Knowledge Center and marked the Center’s official launch.  Delivering the Gailanne Reeh Lecture, Dr. Beardslee talked about the importance of conversations in reducing stigma, intervening early to address emerging mental health concerns, and engaging children, youth, and families in effective treatment and support services.  Watch Dr. Beardslee’s 3-part lecture “Prevention and Early Intervention: The Power of Conversations” by playing the video segments to the right. 

A Panel Discussion focused on the importance of conversations that are trauma-informed and begin early when mental health concerns first emerge.  

Beth Barto described the work of the Massachusetts Child Trauma Project (MCTP).  MCTP is implementing evidenced-based trauma interventions to better serve children with complex trauma. 

Dr. Kristen Woodberry described the work of the Center for Early Detection, Assessment & Response to Risk (CEDAR).  The CEDAR Clinic works with young people at risk for psychosis and their families to increase understanding and develop strategies and treatment options. 

Dr. Kenneth Hardy delivered the Symposium’s Lunch Keynote, “Conversations That Keep It Real.”  Dr. Hardy talked about racial trauma and its impact on youth who feel disconnected from healthcare systems.  Dr. Hardy has delivered several trainings for clinicians working in communities of color across the Commonwealth.   He shares his expertise in his book Teens Who Hurt: Clinical Interventions to Break the Cycle of Adolescent Violence and in the article below.