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Anger, Rage and Trauma: Talking To Kids About Difficult Things

  • The Courtyard Marriott 75 Felton St Marlborough, MA, 01752 United States (map)

Presenter: Dan Jacobs, Psy.D.

Children exposed to significant trauma, chaos, or dangerous environments often develop communication and behavioral strategies based on anger and rage. They commonly express themselves in negative and self-destructive ways, have trouble communicating, and often exhibit their pain via erratic, aggressive, and dangerous behavioral patterns. 

To help these youth learn more adaptive coping strategies we have to be able to talk with them about their difficult issues in the right way.  To be most effective in our work with them we have to be prepared to hold very difficult conversations with a strength-based focus to help them face concerns many would rather avoid, and then we want to be able to explore more positive coping options. This workshop will focus on practical strategies useful in handling the challenging behaviors most often exhibited by youth dealing with issues linked to anger and rage, particularly those exacerbated by exposure to trauma.

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