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Collaborative Care Models for Addressing Youth Depression in Primary Care Settings

Presenters: Laura P. Richardson, MD, MPH; University of Washington/Seattle Children’s Research Institute and Joan R. Asarnow, PhD; University of California, Los Angeles

Depression in children and adolescents is a problem that often goes unidentified and untreated for a long period before appropriate care is provided. Commonly, the primary care setting is the first entry point for many youth and families seeking behavioral health assistance. Offering screenings and assessments in primary care settings is an effective means of identifying young people in earlier stages of illness. 

This webinar will highlight two collaborative care models that address the treatment of depression in young people, Reaching Out to Adolescents in Distress and Youth Partners in Care. The presenters will discuss their models of care, the latest research findings, and strategies to overcome barriers in primary care settings to establish an integrated care model.  

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