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Using Individualized Placement & Career Development Strategies to Guide Students Success

Presenters:  Dr. V. Scott Solberg, Associate Dean for Research at Boston University's School of Education, and Mindy Larson, Senior Program Associate at the Institute for Educational Development's Center for Workforce Development.

The journey to college and career success starts with understanding yourself, exploring various career options, setting meaningful career goals, and choosing the right education and training path to achieve them. Ideally, students start this process early in secondary school; however, far too many enter college lacking a clear sense of direction. It's also common for college students to discover that their initial goal or chosen path isn't the right fit. In the quest to increase student retention and completion rates, some postsecondary education institutions are employing individualized planning and career development strategies to help students make informed decisions.  

This webinar aims to inform the design of student success strategies by exploring research on career development and individualized planning as well as some emerging practices at post-secondary institutions. 

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