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Part 2: Effective Clinical Supervision for Young Adult Therapeutic Peer Mentors (YA TPMs)

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Presenter: Vanessa Vorhies Klodnick, PhD, LCSW

Description: This two-part webinar series will provide critical information to increase the effectiveness of clinical supervisors in supporting the on-the-job success of Young Adult Therapeutic Peer Mentors (YA TPMs). Peer support is found to be particularly beneficial to individuals with mental health challenges and provider organizations in adult community mental health settings. Peer support is also recognized as a key engagement tool for young adults. However, being a YA TPM comes with unique challenges in the workplace, including using resiliency stories strategically with young adults; taking on a professional role for the first time; working within teams comprised primarily of adult non-peer staff; and managing relational boundaries and on-the-job stress. In order for YA TPMs to be successful on the job, clinical supervisors must be equipped to address and/or co-navigate these challenges with YA TPMs. 
Webinar participants will learn: 
- Development during the transition to adulthood & the unique challenges facing YA & YA TPMs with serious mental health challenges
- How to provide effective supervision (clinical, administrative, and developmental) to YA TPMs
- How to champion YA TPM efforts within your agency
- How to support YA TPMs in maintaining appropriate relational boundaries, sharing their story strategically, and maintaining on-the-job health and wellness

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