The UMass Child Trauma Training Center’s (CTTC) Centralized Referral System (CRS) (1-855-LINK-KID) is a free resource for families, providers, and professionals looking to refer children to trauma-focused evidence-based treatment.  Across our state, despite multiple wide-scale dissemination efforts to train up the workforce in evidence-based trauma-focused treatment, children who have experienced trauma have had to sit on waiting lists until services were available, with average waiting times as long as 4 to 6 months. The CRS was developed to help facilitate quicker access to treatment for these vulnerable youth. Jessica Griffin, Psy.D. and Genevieve Kane-Howse, LMHC from the UMass CTTC discussed the impetus for the CRS, how the system works, and how individuals interested in making a referral can do so.