Work with youth and families experiencing adversity, poverty, trauma, and/or mental illness is complex. There are not always “right” answers. Reflective Supervision supports staff members by helping them to step back from the immediate, intense experience of the hands-on work. This opportunity is best suited for providers that have participated in the Strengthening Supervision (Yale) Initiative (Yale training is not a prerequisite however). 

This [RS] has been very helpful for me when doing supervision. It has helped with being more efficient with supervision and being able to talk about individual cases more reflectively.
— Reflective Supervision Trainee
[I learned] How to be more present with my supervisees, listen to their ‘story’ and wonder about their experience more, less judgment and more consideration for the process of not knowing.
— Reflective Supervision Trainee

Watch Lizzie McEnany our RS trainer and coach discuss the pitfalls of “drive-by” supervision.

Hear Lizzie discuss strategies for maintaining a focus on clinical issues in supervision

Watch a reflective supervision session with Dr. Lizzie McEnany.

Watch an example of a Reflective Supervision scenario around administrative accountability.