High quality supervision is a critical ingredient to the effective employment of Young Adult Peer Mentors (YAPMs). The resources and tools below are intended to provide guidance for organizations that employ YAPMs and supervisors of YAPMs.

Toolkits and Supervision Guides

  • Effectively Employing Young Adult Peer Providers: A toolkit (pdf) - This toolkit created by The Learning & Working Center at the Transitions Research & Training Center at UMass was designed to help employers successfully navigate the employment of young adult peer mentors. It covers topics such as best practices in hiring peers, creating reasonable workplace accommodations, and supervision of young adult peers.

  • Peer Support Toolkit - This toolkit was created by the City of Philadelphia's Department of Behavioral Health and Intellectual Disabilities to assist behavioral health provider organizations in integrating peer providers into their service settings.

  • A Guide to Supervising Young Adult Peer Support Providers- 2nd Edition - This guide was created specifically for direct supervisors of young adult peers. It offers practical tools and strategies to help supervisors support the professional development of young adult peers. UPDATED JULY 2019- NEW Sections on 1) recruiting, hiring & screening young adult peer mentors and 2) training and on-boarding young adult peer mentors; and information added to the self-care and role modeling sections.

    • Training vignettes - These vignettes can be used by supervisors to help YAPMs recognize examples of ideal, developmental, and unacceptable peer mentoring practice