In-home therapy (IHT) is a structured, strengths-based, collaborative therapeutic relationship among a clinical team, a youth, and the youth’s family, developed with the purpose of treating the youth’s behavioral health needs. The IHT Practice Profile describes the nine core elements of IHT practice. For each core element there is a detailed document that describes ideal, developmental, and unacceptable practices at the level of “saying and doing”.

The IHT Practice Profile is a “co-created” product that was jointly produced by the CBH Knowledge Center and MassHealth’s Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative in partnership with seasoned IHT practitioners from across the Commonwealth and representatives from MassHealth’s Managed Care Entities. A review of the relevant research literature also informed the content within each core element. Click here to learn more about the IHT practice profile development process.  The IHT Practice Profile can be used to engage system partners, for staff selection and recruitment activities, and to support ongoing training and staff development activities. Click here to download a list of creative suggestions for implementing the practice profile at your site. 

MassHealth views the practice profile as a cornerstone tool for supporting quality, consistent practice in IHT programs across the Commonwealth.
— Jack Simons, PhD., Director Children’s Behavioral Health Interagency Initiatives

IHT Practice Profile Implementation Resources


Core Elements of IHT Practice Profile.  Click on each icon to learn more.