The Knowledge Center has supported a variety of projects designed to build the capacity of behavioral health provider agencies to deliver high quality supervision. Serving as a bridge between administrators and frontline staff members, supervisors play an increasingly important role in ensuring the clinical integrity of services delivered while also supporting staff to deliver care to an increasingly complex and vulnerable population. The Center’s work with state and national experts on supervision focuses not simply on enhancing the skills and competencies of supervisors through training; but also on engaging provider agency leadership to support supervisors through alignment of policies and other organizational supports.

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Strengthening Supervision - Yale Program on Supervision

Yale uses a two-pronged approach to assist agencies. This involves: (1) the provision of consultation on strengthening agency standards, policies, and procedures related to supervision, and (2) training of frontline supervisors and mid-level managers on best practices in supervision.

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Reflective Supervision

We know that work with youth and families who have experienced adversity, poverty, trauma, and/or mental illness is complex. There are not always “right” answers. RS supports staff members by helping them to step back from the immediate, intense experience of the hands-on work and offers them an enlarged perspective or another pair of eyes.

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Supervising Young Adult Peer Mentors

Core to the YAPM role is the ability to share one’s lived experience with a serious mental health challenge with purpose and intent. This is not something most clinically trained supervisors are familiar with. Understanding how to support YAPMs in sharing their story is critically important to being an effective YAPM supervisor.